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Nella Gaming Wolf Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse

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Become the dominator with the Free Wolf wireless mouse from Nella Gaming.

Nella LED Inside

With 16 RGB million colours providing bright vibrance, your gaming setup is guaranteed a fresh, fitting look. 

Up Your Game

With a 3000mah rechargable battery, worrying about your mouse dying mid game is a thing of the past. Quick charging, long lasting, easy playing. 

All Nella Wolf gaming gear is fully designed and tested from the ground up to provide comfort, quality, and durability. 

With a <0.150ms click latency and up to 7000 data reports every second, staying on top of your game and outdoing the competition is a guarantee. 

The Free Wolf mouse boasts an advanced focusing optical sensor to provide excellent resolution accuracy down o the pixel, making distanced targets a matter of ease to take down. 

4 ergonomically placed programmable buttons allow for ease of use, unqiue to any player. 

Nella Defense

All our products are designed with Nella Defense Tecnology to prevent overheating, overcharging and keep your devices battery protected.


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