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Nella Gaming Red Thunder One Handed Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard (+Free Mouse)

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For a limited time, take the RT mouse completely FREE when you purchase the Nella RT One Handed Keyboard.

It's here. Our debut one handed gaming keyboard is ergonomically tried and tested to guarantee comfort and quality no matter how long you're gaming setup. With industry leading internals to provide Macro Recording, AntiGhosting, and full programmibility, Red Thunder is the keyboard you've been waiting on. 

Ergonomically Designed, Precisely Engineered

RT's built in wrist rest is guaranteed to provide comfort for any streaming/gaming marathon. Paired with concaved dustproof keys, wrist and hand cramps are a thing of the past. Full tactile mechanical switches from Nella Gaming provide rapid responseness based on your fingers pressure to always process your input at an incredible speed of <0.150ms. 

The Power Is In Your Hand

RT offers 6 additional keys with full programmibilty to suit any game, any setup, or any layout of your choice.

Full Compatibilty With Any Gaming Ecosystem

RT provides simple lug and play with no additonal software needed unlike other keyboards. Fully compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Seriex X, Xbox One, Phone, PC and Laptops.

Two Shot Keycap Moulding

Two shot keycap moulding processes where are used to ensure keycap labelling never gets worn or dull, as well as providing thick concaved walls designed for comfort, toughness, and able to withstand extremely repeated use. 

Nella Mechanical Switches

Sense a satisfying feedback with every keystroke you make. Nella switches are guaranteed to provide optimized acutation for better performance and precise clicks during gaming sessions. Tested and engineered to let you hear and feel exteremely smooth, mechanical keystrokes. 


Nella LED Inside

With 16 RGB million colours providing bright vibrance, your gaming setup is guaranteed a fresh, fitting look. Enjoy a suite of lighting effects guaranteed to suit any mood, and and setup. Additionally, RT offers multiple lighting modes to add extra detail and match any gaming setup.


260 x 185 x 38mm 

400g Weight